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'Towards Light'

Sold at Loudoun Cares Art Auction 2023

This acrylic artwork captures the vibrant hues of fall foliage as trees reach towards light. A powerful symbol of hope, it reminds us that even in the midst of change, we can always find light and optimism.

"Scarlet Symphony”

Sold at Loudoun Cares Art Auction 2023

A striking red staircase stands in stark contrast to the surrounding walls. Bathed in radiant light, it represents the vivid contrasts that exist in life. The vibrant crimson steps symbolize our aspirations and endeavors, while the dark walls allude to the mysteries and challenges. This interplay of color and light, mirrors the dichotomies in our existence, where vibrant moments coexist with shadows, creating a symphony of life's complexities.

"Radiant Tales”

Sold at Loudoun Cares Art Auction 2023


Captures the essence of fall through the interplay of color, light and texture. At the heart of the composition stands a radiant yellow tree. Yet, it is the play of light and shadow that truly defines this artwork. The tree casts a bold, dramatic blue shadow on a pristine white wall. This shadow is not merely an absence of light; it is a vibrant entity in its own right, dancing with the tree's silhouette in a harmonious ballet of color and contrast.

 Mekhla's Juried Art Entries at

Loudoun Cares Art Auction 2023

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